RESP Award

If you are a member of the Credit Union, and opening an RESP account for your child, you are eligible to receive $100.00 to be deposited into an OPPA Credit Union RESP account for your child.

How To Enter

Complete the RESP Award application.

  1. Forward the completed application along with the attachment to:

OPPA Credit Union
123 Ferris Lane  
Barrie ON  L4M 2Y1

Terms and Conditions

The strategic direction of the OPPA Credit Union is to give back to the membership and provide advice in life events.  The intent of the RESP award is to provide funding for the future educational needs of our members children and to increase awareness of the Credit Union within the OPP community.


Eligible Member
All OPPA Credit Union members, excluding employees and board members.  (Persons applying must be a member of the OPPA Credit Union at the time of the application and the draw.)

Eligible Child
Biological children or adopted children.

General Rules

  1. Parents or guardians of an eligible child must contact the OPPA Credit Union for an application or complete the online application at   
  2. Only one application may be made per child, to a maximum of 2 children per household/family.
  3. The eligibility of the RESP Award will be determined by the OPPA Credit Union CEO or Marketing & Business Development Manager.
  4. Each eligible applicant will receive $100.00 to be deposited into an OPPA Credit Union RESP account for the child.
  5. Within the first year of establishing the RESP account parents are required to contribute a minimum amount of $25.00 monthly into their child’s RESP for a minimum of 4 months or make a minimum lump sum contribution of $1,000.00.
  6. The RESP Award is for new RESP plans opened after March 1st, 2010 only (not for existing OPPA Credit Union RESP plan holders).
  7. Award recipients will be contacted to arrange the RESP account and must agree to have their names published in OPPA Credit Union publications and/or on the OPPA Credit Union website.